40 years of design culture...

2020 has undoubtedly been the most memorable year in a long while ...and as a design student its crucial to know about design history , culture & society - but where to start ? Creative Review have pulled together the most important (in its view..) of the last 40 years including MTV, the "like a girl" campaign and Fleabag. See what you would have added in or left out . Twin Peaks would be out for me - several hours of my life I won't get back. And if you haven't seen Fleabag, do.

Now you see it..

Now you see it, now you ...well, see something different. Who is this an image of ? Think you know then check the link below to see if you're right !

Be a hero. Be Boring.

Noma Bar is king of the optical illusion, and he's recently used his talents to create a series of optical illusion posters encouraging people to be 'boring heroes', and stay indoors. The posters were created in collaboration with McCann New York, McCann Health New York and medicine company Mucinex.  The series shows people in their homes lounging around, reading books, listening to music and using their phones, and these images are all cleverly combined with images of more traditional superheroes.

Art is the best medicine (official)

Any of you who saw Grayson Perry's Art club last night on Channel 4 can't have failed to see the joy that people have in creating art - from the embroidered duster to the portrait plate drawn by Grayson of his wife Phillipa Perry. 
The link below is from an exhibition last year where famous comedians exhibited their work ,Joe Lycett comments 
Comedians have that spirit of ‘give it a go’ - do a new material night, try it out and see what happens,” says Lycett. “We're maybe more used to failing in front of lots of people. Failure is kept in the dark for a lot of other creatives - who only put out their best stuff, whereas comedians have to try and fail all the time, in order to see what works.”


If you are missing Photoshop , try PicMonkey - which works well on phones as well as PCs etc. It uses a lot of the same features as Photoshop such as layers, dodge, burn etc. Worth a go.


Book covers are amazing pieces of design - they have to communicate the story (without giving away too much), hold a title, the author, the publisher's a lot to communicate in a small space.
Have a look at this clip where a book designer explains how he works through the process.

Then maybe have a look at this :

which features award winner Lucie Williams who studied A'level Graphic design at ASFC a few years ago. (we're very proud !)

Finally, watch this where the presenter takes an image right through to Book cover design

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